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Class 2 Cat C Licence LGV HGV Driver Training

Class 2 HGV Driving Licence Training Course



Obtaining that all-important LGV Class 2 (Cat C) HGV licence with us is just the start of your new future. 



Would you like to become a Class 2 HGV driver? 

Having a class 2 driving licence can open up many opportunities if you are new to the HGV industry or even if you are upgrading from a smaller HGV licence. We offer excellent training with friendly and relaxed lessons we have modern vehicles and are experts in helping people gain that all-important class 2 HGV licence. Not only that we will help you to prepare for a career in the HGV industry! Many people choose to start with a class 2 licence and get some experience driving smaller vehicles for a couple of years and then upgrade to larger vehicles.


How much can I earn as a class 2 (Cat C) driver? 

As a class 2 driver with experience, you will be able to earn up to £45k a year, and some can earn more if they do tramping work or acquire extra qualifications such as HIAB and ADR. There are many job opportunities available for class 2 drivers, such as delivering goods, transporting hazardous materials, or working for a courier service. Furthermore, there are also opportunities to work in different locations, which can provide an exciting and rewarding career.


How difficult is it to find a job after I obtain my class 2 licence? 

When you have passed your class 2 HGV driving test you will then need to start looking for a job, There are many driving jobs out there with some haulage companies desperate to recruit HGV class 2 drivers, with a little bit of effort and searching you will find the right class 2 driving job for you.


How much does a class 2 LGV licence cost?

We have a range of different courses available, Have a look at the courses below if you are not sure give our sales team a call at 01942 741 310  and we will be happy to answer any questions regarding our LGV class 2 lessons and advice on each course.


Class 2 driving licence HGV LGV category C


How long will it take to get my HGV class 2 licence?


You can pass your LGV class 2 test with us in as little as 1 week if you have already passed your theory tests, if not you will need to go for a D4 medical first and then apply for your provisional licence so the class 2 HGV training course usually take around 4 -5 weeks to complete. Our LGV Class 2 training is conducted by our experienced instructors who are professional and knowledgeable. We provide comprehensive training to ensure that you pass your test and become a qualified driver. We also provide support and advice to our students throughout the process.


We can help you obtain your LGV class 2 cat C licence and offer all the following benefits:


Class 2 HGV Licence training locations over the North West.

Category C licence DVSA approved 3A exam centre

DVSA approved CPC module 4 exam centre

Training for class 2 driving licence in a modern automatic vehicle.

DVSA short notice LGV driving tests through our trainer booking facility. These change daily, so it's always worth calling us to discuss your requirements.

We arrange the medical and theory test, plus hazard perception through our training team.

We are specialists in training for HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicles) and LGV (Large Goods Vehicles).

Some of our courses offer pass protection.

Finance is available on all of our Class 2 driving licence courses.

The best quality Class 2 HGV licence lessons 


Why should I choose Craig Baker for my Class 2 HGV Course?

We have an excellent reputation with over 280+ 5-star reviews on Google and a further 220+ on Facebook. We are the UK's leading class 2 (cat C) HGV training specialists We take pride in the job we do. We have a modern fleet of vehicles and we constantly invest in our facilities and staff meaning you get the best service possible, If you would like to class 2 HGV training course book online today or call our sales team on 01942 741 310.


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16 Hour Day Class 2 HGV Driving Course

£1350 including VAT

Was £1450

This includes a 16-hour class 2 HGV driving course including a 3A reversing test and a 3B driving test. includes 16 hours usually completed over 4 days with the 3B test on the final day 

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20 Hour Class 2 HGV Driving Course

£1500 including VAT

Was £1600

Get your HGV career started with this LGV Class 2 course. This includes a 20-hour course including a 3A reversing test and a 3B driving test)

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