HIAB - Lorry Loader Training
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HIAB - Lorry Loader

HIAB - Lorry Loader

HIAB - Lorry Loader What's Included:

HIAB - Lorry Loader

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Lorry Loader - HIAB Operator Training


What is a HIAB Licence?

A HIAB licence certifies that you can safely operate a vehicle-mounted crane. HIAB drivers are responsible for loading, transporting, and offloading goods with a lorry-mounted crane. If your job involves handling such equipment, obtaining a HIAB licence is essential.


Advance Your Career with a HIAB Licence

Elevate your career in construction and logistics with a HIAB (Hydraulic Integrated Arm and Boom)...

HIAB lorry mounted crane loader training courses licence
HIAB lorry mounted crane loader training courses licence

Frequently asked questions

A HIAB licence certifies that you are trained to operate a lorry-mounted crane, known as a HIAB (Hydraulic Integrated Arm and Boom). This licence is essential for jobs that involve loading, transporting, and offloading goods using a vehicle-mounted crane.

To obtain a HIAB licence, you need to complete a HIAB training course. At Craig Baker Driver Training, our comprehensive 2-day course covers crane safety, load weight calculation, and HIAB crane operation, providing you with the necessary skills and knowledge.

A HIAB licence is valid for five years. Before your certification expires, you must complete refresher training and assessment to maintain your qualification.

With a HIAB licence, you can pursue various roles in the construction and logistics industries, including local delivery driver, crane operator, and material handler. This certification opens doors to numerous other positions requiring HIAB operation skills.

HIAB licence holders can earn on average £5,000 more per year than standard HGV licence holders. This increased earning potential makes obtaining a HIAB licence a worthwhile investment in your career.

A HIAB licence allows you to operate lorry-mounted cranes equipped with various attachments, such as hooks, brick grabs, clamshell buckets, grapplers, and pallet forks, enabling you to handle a wide range of tasks.

Craig Baker Driver Training is the UK's leading HGV and HIAB training provider, with over 400+ 5-star reviews on Google and 250+ on Facebook. We offer top-notch training, modern vehicles, and exceptional facilities to ensure you receive the best education possible.

Our HIAB training course at Craig Baker Driver Training is designed to be completed in just 2 days. This intensive programme ensures you quickly gain the skills and certification needed to operate a HIAB crane.

The HIAB training course includes comprehensive instruction on crane safety, load weight calculation, proper HIAB crane operation, and hands-on training to equip you with the confidence and skills to handle heavy lifting tasks effectively.

To book your HIAB training course, reserve your spot online or call our sales team on 01942 741 310. We often have short-notice courses available to accommodate your schedule.

HIAB - Lorry Loader Packages

Beginner Course - 2 Days

£650 including VAT

Was £700

Ready to become a certified HIAB operator in just 2 days? Enroll in our comprehensive HIAB training course to gain the skills and certification you need to advance your career. Secure your spot today and start your journey towards higher earning potential and new job opportunities.

Refresher Course

£570 including VAT

Was £650

Is your HIAB certification about to expire? Stay compliant and up-to-date with our HIAB refresher course. This training ensures you retain your skills and renew your certification efficiently. Reserve your place today to continue operating with confidence.

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