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LGV Starter Package

LGV Starter Package

LGV Starter Package What's Included:

LGV Starter Package

Start your HGV driving cereer with D4 medicals available this week

HGV / LGV Driver Training Course: Starter Package


Begin Your HGV Driving Career with Confidence

Are you considering a career change or looking to boost your income by earning up to £50,000 per year? Our comprehensive HGV/LGV Driver Training Starter Package is your first step towards a rewarding career in heavy goods vehicle driving.


Comprehensive Training and Support

Our starter package includes everything you need to prepare for your practical HGV driver training. From...

LGV HGV Starter Package, d4 Medical, theory test, cpc module 2
LGV HGV Starter Package, d4 Medical, theory test, cpc module 2

Frequently asked questions

An HGV licence (Heavy Goods Vehicle licence) is required to legally drive heavy goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. It's essential for anyone pursuing a career in HGV driving to ensure compliance with UK road laws and safety standards.

To start your HGV driver training, you need to apply for a provisional HGV licence by completing the D2 and D4 forms, undergoing a medical examination, and preparing for the theory tests. Our starter package includes all these steps to make the process seamless.

The requirements to become an HGV driver include being at least 18 years old, holding a valid UK driving licence, passing a medical examination, and completing the required HGV theory and practical tests.

The time it takes to get an HGV licence can vary. On average, it can take between 8 to 12 weeks, depending on your availability for training and testing. Our comprehensive starter package helps expedite the process by providing all necessary resources and support.

The HGV theory test includes multiple-choice questions and a hazard perception test. Additionally, you will need to pass the HGV CPC Module 2 test, which focuses on case studies related to driving large vehicles.

The cost of HGV driver training can vary based on the type of licence you are pursuing (C1, Cat C, or Cat CE) and the training provider. Our starter package is competitively priced and includes all necessary tests and materials to get you started.

Career prospects for HGV drivers are excellent, with a high demand for qualified drivers across the UK. HGV drivers can earn up to £50,000 per year, with opportunities for overtime and advancement into roles such as transport manager or logistics coordinator.

No, you cannot drive an HGV with a car licence. You must obtain the appropriate HGV licence (C1, Cat C, or Cat CE) to legally operate heavy goods vehicles. Our starter package is designed to help you transition from a car licence to an HGV licence.

Yes, we offer weekend training and tests to accommodate your schedule. Our D4 medicals and theory test preparations can be arranged at times that are convenient for you, including weekends.

You can book the HGV/LGV Driver Training Starter Package online through our website or by calling our sales team at 01942 741 310. We are here to assist you every step of the way to ensure a smooth and successful start to your HGV driving career.

LGV Starter Package Packages

Starter Package

£275 including VAT


Ready to kickstart your career as an HGV driver? Our comprehensive HGV/LGV Driver Training Starter Package provides you with everything you need to succeed

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