Kudos Michelle! Craig Baker Driver Training's Rising Star Clears ADI Part 2 Test
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Congratulations Michelle! Craig Baker Driver Training's Rising Star Passes ADI Part 2 Test


Meet Michelle, a determined and forward-thinking individual who recently embarked on an exciting journey with Craig Baker Driver Training. Fueled by a passion for driving and a desire to share her knowledge with others, Michelle chose our esteemed company to pursue her dream of becoming a driving instructor. Her decision reflects not only her commitment to personal growth but also her recognition of the high standards and professionalism upheld at Craig Baker Driver Training. Michelle's dedication to this transformative career path aligns seamlessly with our mission to cultivate skilled and confident driving instructors. As she navigates through our comprehensive training program, we are thrilled to be part of Michelle's story, supporting her every step of the way as she transitions into a rewarding role shaping the next generation of responsible and capable drivers.


At Craig Baker Driver Training, our excitement knows no bounds as we proudly announce a momentous achievement within our esteemed community! Today, we stand united in celebration as our exceptionally talented trainee driving instructor, Michelle, emerges victorious in passing her ADI Part 2 test at the illustrious Atherton Test Centre.

Guided by the seasoned expertise of our devoted instructor trainer, Andras, Michelle's odyssey has been a testament to unwavering determination, continual skill development, and an unbridled passion for achieving excellence. Having surmounted the challenges of a comprehensive training program, Michelle is now poised to venture into a gratifying career as a driving instructor in the promising new year.

Let's collectively extend our applause to Michelle for the countless hours of hard work and unwavering commitment she invested in becoming not just a driver, but a skilled and confident driving instructor. Her success mirrors the pinnacle of standards and professionalism upheld at Craig Baker Driver Training, and we stand together, immensely proud of her outstanding achievements.

As Michelle gears up to hit the road in her newfound role, we eagerly anticipate the positive impact she is bound to make on the upcoming generation of drivers. Stay engaged with us as we share updates on Michelle's transformative journey and unveil more thrilling news from the dynamic world of Craig Baker Driver Training!


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