What you can expect to learn from HGV training
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What You Can Expect To Learn From HGV Training

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HGV training

What You Can Expect To Learn From HGV / LGV Training


HGV vehicles (heavy goods vehicles) sometimes called LGV vehicles (large goods vehicles) keep our country moving, they transport everything from food to clothes even the electronic device you are reading this post on, If you would like to become a HGV driver in the UK here is everything you need to know regarding the HGV training.


How Much Does HGV Training Cost?

If you are going from a car licence to a class 2 licence you can expect to pay around £2000, if you're looking to get a class 1 licence you can expect to pay around £3000


How Long Does It Usually Take To Become A HGV Driver?

the first step to gaining your HGV licence is attending a D4 driver medical and then sending your licence off to the DVLA to get your provisional HGV entitlement added, this usually takes around 3 to 4 weeks, after that, you will need to sit a HGV theory test you can expect to wait a while for a theory test unless you book with Craig Baker Driver Training as we have these prebooked, once you have passed your theory test you will begin the practical training and tests, again we have these pre-booked So in total if you book with us you can expect to have your HGV licence within 6 - 8 weeks


Can You Go Straight For A Class 1 HGV Licence?

From November 15th 2021 if you hold a valid UK car licence you can go straight to a Class 1 / C+E course. You will have to have the C+E provisional entitlement put on your licence first. To do that you will need to send your driving licence off with a completed D2 application




become a HGV driver


What Can I Expect To Learn  From The Practical Training?

Some people think they can drive a car so how hard can it be to drive a HGV? it's not as easy as some people think, it's not like driving a car at all you will need to make special allowances for the length, width, height & weight, during your first on-road lessons with Craig Baker Driver Training we will take you to a quiet industrial area and go through the very basics first starting with a cockpit drill how to set up the seat and mirrors, once you are all set up we will explain the difference in the controls like for example air brakes these are completely different to the standard brakes on your car. Once everything is clear and all questions have been answered will start driving by just moving off and pulling up safely and then introducing some left and right turns


Later on in the training we will cover the following

Revisiting the Highway Code

HGV blind spots

Dealing with Cyclists in a HGV

Reversing and Manoeuvring a large goods vehicle

HGV daily walkaround checks

The process of an HGV driving test

Independent driving (following road signs)

Tachograph Rules

Vehicle loading & safety


How Hard is it to Pass a HGV test?

If you’ve already passed a standard drivers test, then you understand the format, and the kind of things expected of you. Passing your HGV test isn’t too difficult, but you do need to be able to concentrate, stay calm, and be confident in your knowledge and your ability behind the wheel. If you’ve trained with a good school, this shouldn’t be a problem.



Start your HGV Driving Career Today

At Craig Baker Driver Training we offer complete packages from medical to practical training including the driver CPC card, Call us today on 01942 741 310 for a free quote or if you have any further questions regarding becoming a HGV driver.


Why Should I Choose Craig Baker Driver Training For My HGV Training?

Craig Baker Driver Training is highly experienced and offers comprehensive courses to ensure learners are well-prepared for their HGV driving career. The course is tailored to the individual's needs, with experienced instructors providing support and guidance every step of the way. Craig Baker Driver Training also has an excellent pass rate. We are the UK's leading HGV training provider


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