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Trailer Licences in the UK: Why Training Matters for Safe Towing

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  • Trailer Licences in the UK: Why Training Matters for Safe Towing
Caravan trailer towing lessons

Trailer Licences in the UK: Why Training Matters for Safe Towing

In recent years, changes in UK legislation have reshaped the landscape of trailer licences, sparking discussions among drivers. While obtaining a specific licence for towing trailers, caravans, or horseboxes may no longer be mandatory, the importance of prior training for towing novices cannot be overstated.


Understanding Trailer Licensing Changes

With the B+E licence category abolished, UK drivers have seen a shift in trailer licensing requirements. Now, drivers who passed their standard driving test after January 1, 1997, gained automatic entitlement to tow certain trailers under specific conditions. However, despite these changes, the need for comprehensive training remains paramount.


Why Prior Training is Essential

Towing a trailer introduces unique challenges that demand specific skills and knowledge. From mastering vehicle handling to understanding weight distribution, novice drivers must be equipped to navigate safely on the road. Without proper training, they risk compromising their safety and that of others.


Investing in Training with Craig Baker Driver Training

At Craig Baker Driver Training, we understand the importance of preparing drivers for safe towing experiences. Our tailored courses cater to individuals of all experience levels, providing comprehensive instruction on safe towing practices. Whether you're new to towing or seeking to enhance your skills, our expert instructors are here to guide you every step of the way.


What will our trailer training include?

At Craig Baker Driver Training we have a range of modern vehicles and trailers for you to get some practice we can adapt our training courses to suit your needs if you would like to practice some on-road trailer towing or uncoupling and recoupling, we even have a large dedicated reversing area for you to have a practice and master the art of towing with a trailer



While changes in trailer licensing may have simplified administrative processes, the need for prior training in towing remains critical. By investing in training with experienced professionals, drivers can embark on their towing journeys with confidence and peace of mind.



Ready to take the next step? Contact Craig Baker Driver Training today to start your towing journey on the right foot.


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