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(AFV) Alternatively Fueled Vehicles

UK law now permits Category B driving licence holders to drive an alternatively-fuelled vehicle weighing up to 4.25 tonnes. The vehicle must not be driven outside of Great Britain.  It must be used for the transportation of goods, not be towing a trailer and the driver must have completed a minimum of 5 hours of training.


Reflecting this rapid shift from ICE to alternative fuels, over 1,300 van drivers have already received expert AFV (alternatively fueled vehicles) driver training from NRI-registered instructors.  They’ve undertaken the one-day NRI course designed to give them key knowledge about Alternatively-Fuelled Vehicles (AFVs) and introduce the different driving techniques needed to be a safe, efficient, and responsible AFV driver.

The course is a legal requirement for van operators who wish to take advantage of the legislation introduced in 2018. This allows holders of Category B driving licences normally restricted to vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes to drive vans of up to 4.25 tonnes if they are powered by an alternative fuel. Recognising that AFVs can have an increased kerb weight compared with their conventionally fuelled counterparts. The rules cover vans powered by electricity, natural gas, biogas, hydrogen, or a combination of hydrogen and electricity.



The certificate issued to each driver on completion of training shows that the driver has completed the training and is therefore driving legally. Third parties needing that evidence are; insurance companies, employers, and the police.  Anyone found driving an alternatively fuelled vehicle, between 3.5 tonnes and 4.25 tonnes on a Category B licence without having done the 5 hours of training would be guilty of an offence under the Road Traffic Act (1988).


Craig Baker Driver Training can offer this 5-hour training course and certification to make sure you stay legal whilst driving your new fuel-efficient vehicle, for more information on prices and availability please call 01942 741 310


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