Can electric trucks be used for HGV training?
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What is the future of electric trucks & HGV training

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Electric trucks being used for hgv driving lessons

What is the future of electric trucks & HGV training?


Electric trucks have the potential to significantly reduce emissions and improve air quality. They could also be cheaper to run and maintain than diesel trucks. However, electric trucks require significant investments and infrastructure changes. Additionally, electric trucks are heavier than their diesel counterparts, which can increase their emissions and fuel consumption. Finally, electric trucks may not be able to power long distances, requiring more frequent recharging.


In a country where most haulage companies run a 24-hour operation is the really beneficial to them? Companies may have to switch to electric trucks in order to comply with environmental regulations, but they may have to consider the cost of more frequent recharging. Additionally, electric trucks may be less efficient than diesel trucks in cold climates, which can further limit their usefulness.


Companies should also consider the cost of batteries and the additional weight and energy demands that come with electric trucks. Furthermore, electric trucks may require more maintenance than diesel trucks.


Can electric trucks be used for HGV training?


Yes although with the cost of HGV lessons averaging around £60 per hour it would be cost-effective for HGV training companies to invest in such vehicles at the moment However, as the cost of these vehicles decreases and the technology advances, this may become a more viable option in the future.


Our company conducted a survey to discover whether customers would prefer to have cheaper lessons and learn in older vehicles or to pay more for their HGV training but have modern vehicles to learn in. The results showed that customers preferred the cheaper lessons, with 70% selecting this option. The company decided to offer the cheaper lessons, as it had more demand than the newer vehicles. The customers were happy to be able to learn in the same vehicles that they would eventually be driving. This satisfied their needs while allowing the company to remain competitive.


What is the range of an electric truck and would this be enough for a HGV lesson?


an average 4-hour HGV driving lesson only covers around 60 miles due to spending most of the time around urban areas, the average range of an electric truck is around 200 miles this would be more than enough to cover the daily activities of a general HGV training day.





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