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Fleet Driver Risk Management & Training

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Fleet Driver Risk Management & Training

Driving A Better Business

We offer corporate driving courses to a range of companies across the UK. The main purpose of our corporate driving course is to raise the skill and safety level of your drivers. Corporate driving courses are also referred to advanced driving courses, or fleet driving courses. They are all pretty much the same thing – just with a different name.

We have DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) advanced driving instructors who deliver all our corporate driving courses. A number of our corporate clients require training for as few as just one, or as many as 100+ drivers around the UK.

We offer training for all types of vehicles if you have a fleet of cars or a fleet of LGV's or PCV's we have experienced driver trainers to help.


Corporate Driving Course Costs:

Our prices are based per driver, which is £230 for a 3.5hr session. Usually if we are training a number of drivers we train one in the morning and then one in the afternoon (per tutor). We can supply a number of tutors per site, or at multiple site around the UK. We can train upwards of 50 drivers in a day.


Benefits of our Corporate Driving Courses:

1. Demonstrates your Duty of Care as an employer – More companies are starting to realise the importance of taking their duty of care seriously. If one of your drivers were to be involved in a road traffic collision, then you could possibly be asked to demonstrate what steps you took to reduce their road risk. Having taken an advanced driving course will clearly demonstrate your duty of care. You receive a full driving report for each driver designed to be recorded on their HR file, and to give you a quick, accurate and easy to read snap shot of their road risk, and how they performaed on the day

2. Helps reduce your insurance claim rate – Having worked with a number of corporate clients, we have seen a large reduction in accident rates following corporate/advanced driver training. Once client has reduced their accident rate from 67% to just 13%, which with over 800 vans in their fleet represented huge insurance cost savings.

Apart from the obvious benefits, the real advantages of corporate driver training is that you are doing your part to keep your drivers, and other road users safe on the roads. This in itself will have many benefits, which you will be able to measure as a business. Driver training represents excellent ROI in not just your bottom line, but also for the health, safety and well-being of your employees.


Other Benefits

- Good driving techniques and standards promotes a positive company image
- Improve your drivers skills to reduce accidents and running costs
- Minimise driver risk whilst driving at work
- Fewer accidents could lower insurance premiums
- Fewer accidents means reduced driver injury & absences
- Eco-safe driving helps cut environmental emissions
- Eco-safe driving reduces vehicle & tyres wear and tear
- Eco-safe driving reduces fuel costs
- Saves lost time and costs incurred through vehicles off the road, down time, for repairs and maintenance
- Fulfill your health and safety legal obligations and duty of care


To discuss your training requirements give us a call on 07802 447 283 or submit your details below and we will be in touch.



Account Facilities

We are happy to extend facilities and take bookings via Purchase Order Number systems, on completion of an account opening form.  We can accept payment by cheque, BACS or credit/debit card (and good old fashioned cash!)