HGV Medical in Chester
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HGV Medical in Chester

D4 HGV drivers medicals in Chester

HGV Medical D4 Assessment in Chester


Do I need a HGV / PCV medical before I can drive a HGV in Chester?

To be able to start HGV training in Chester in order to obtain your HGV / LGV licence or to renew your existing licence, you must undergo a D4 medical by a doctor who is a registered member of the General Medical Council (GMC). At Craig Baker Driver Training in Chester, we have a team of specially trained HGV doctors available to provide DVLA medicals on short notice and from evenings and weekends.


What’s involved in the HGV driver's D4 medical in Chester?

When you undergo a D4 driver HGV medical, you’ll need to complete a medical history questionnaire and undergo a physical examination. The physical examination includes an eyesight test using a Snellen chart, as well as a blood pressure check to ensure it meets DVLA standards.

Vision assessment: In terms of vision, you’ll need to meet the minimum requirement of 6/7.5 in one eye and 6/60 in the other, as measured on a 3-metre Snellen chart. If you wear driving glasses or contact lenses, please bring them along with your current prescription to the medical assessment.

Blood pressure check: In order to meet the DVLA group 2 standard, your blood pressure must not consistently exceed 179/99. This means that if your systolic blood pressure is consistently 180 or higher, or your diastolic blood pressure is consistently 100 or higher, you will not meet the required standard.

Medical questionnaire: During the medical history questionnaire, you’ll be asked about various medical conditions, such as epilepsy, seizures, insulin-treated diabetes, and other health issues. Some conditions, if managed, will not affect your application.

Our doctor will complete your D4 form based on your medical history, medications, and the results of your examination. It usually takes around 15 minutes to complete the entire process.


How often do I need a D4 HGV driver's medical?

Professional drivers are required to undergo medical examinations at specific intervals in order to maintain their licences. At the beginning of your career, you will need to have your first medical. After that, from age 45, you’ll need a medical every five years until you reach 65. When you reach the age of 65, you will be required to undergo a medical examination on a yearly basis.


HGV Drivers medical appointments in Chester


How will I know when I need a HGV driver's health check?

You will usually receive a reminder letter, together with a D4 medical form a few weeks before your medical is due. You will also be able to tell when your medical is due according to the expiry date on the back of your HGV licence medical. For renewals, DVLA will also send you renewal paperwork by post 56 days before your licence expiry.


Why should I choose Craig Baker Driver Training for my HGV driver's medical in Chester?

We have an excellent reputation with over 250+ 5-star reviews on Google and a further 200+ on Facebook. We are the UK's leading HGV training specialists We take pride in the job we do. We have a modern fleet of vehicles and we constantly invest in our facilities and staff meaning you get the best service possible, If you would like to book a D4 Drivers Medical in Chester book online today or call our sales team on 01942 741 310.


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