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Manual & Automatic Driving Lessons in Preston

Manual Driving Lessons In Preston


Unlock the road to driving success with our expert manual driving lessons in Preston.


At Craig Baker Driver Training, we equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the open roads like a pro.

Discover the thrill of learning to drive a manual vehicle with our comprehensive lessons covering all areas of Preston. As the leading driving school in the region, we've proudly served the Preston community for the past 8 years, quickly earning the reputation as Preston's premier driving school.

If you're eager to start your driving journey but unsure of where to begin, call us at 01942 741 310, and we'll guide you through the process.


Wondering if manual driving lessons are challenging? Mastering the art of driving a manual vehicle requires practice and patience. Our professional driving instructors, experts in their field, ensure that each lesson enhances your car control skills. With our guidance, you'll find each subsequent lesson becomes progressively easier, allowing you to drive with confidence.

Passing your test in a manual vehicle also grants you automatic entitlement. Consider an extra driving lesson to familiarise yourself with the differences in controls before transitioning to an automatic vehicle.

The duration of your driving journey is unique to you. While some learners may pass in as little as 10-15 hours, others may require 50+ hours. Your dedicated driving instructor plays a crucial role in your progress. Choose wisely, put effort into your lessons, and consider additional practice to accelerate your learning.


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Why opt for Craig Baker for Manual Driving Lessons in Preston? With over 290+ 5-star Google reviews and 200+ on Facebook, we boast an excellent reputation. As the UK's leading driving school, we take pride in our modern fleet of manual vehicles, continually investing in our facilities and staff to provide you with the best service. Book your manual driving lessons in Preston online or call 01942 741 310.


Explore the joy of driving with Craig Baker Driver Training - your premier choice for manual driving lessons in and around the Preston area.


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