CPC Module 2 - Case Studies Example
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CPC Module 2 - Case Studies Revision

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CPC Module 2 Case Studies

CPC Module 2 - Case Studies Example

Below is an example of a CPC module 2 case studies question, to prepare for CPC module 2 you read and understand the "DVSA guide to driving heavy goods vehicles"



Trevor and John are multi-manning a vehicle from the UK to France. They work for TSD Haulage who have been contracted to deliver car exhausts to a manufacturing plant. They are driving a curtain-sided lorry with a gross vehicle weight of 18 tonnes and carrying a 10 tonne load.

This is John’s first trip abroad and he will take the opportunity to learn the ropes from Trevor who has been driving on the continent for over 20 years. Trevor will prepare the vehicle and complete the CMR consignment note before collecting John from his home which is on the way to the ferry port.

CPC Module 2 Case studies revision

Both drivers have just returned from a four-day rest and are keen to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Today is Monday and Trevor will drive the first part of the journey to the ferry port. They will stop for their daily rest at 21:00 in France.



1. Question

To qualify for multi-manning, John must be collected within:


  • One hour of the start of the shift
  • 50 km of the vehicle operating centre
  • 25 km of the vehicle operating centre
  • 45 minutes from the start of the shift


2. Question

Trevor has completed 4 hours and 30 minutes of driving and must now take a  minimum break of 45 minutes.

John will take over as the driver

(mark two answers)


  • The vehicle must stop for Trevor's 45 minute break to be considered legal
  • Trevor may take the 45-minute break whilst the vehicle is still moving
  • Trevor and John must take a 45-minute break at the same time
  • Trevor can give John directions and driving advice whilst on his break
  • Trevor must place his tachograph card in slot 2
  • Trevor can use the time to do paperwork whilst John is driving


3. Question

The daily individual driving limit today for John and Trevor is


  • Nine hours for John and nine hours for Trevor
  • Twenty-one hours for both drivers
  • Ten hours for John and ten hours for Trevor
  • Thirteen hours for both drivers



4. Question

What is the total maximum duty time for John & Trevor?


  • 15 hours
  • 30 hours
  • 24 hours
  • 21 hours


5. Question

When multi-manning, the maximum period within which all duty time and daily rest must be completed is:


  • 24 hours
  • 30 hours
  • 21 hours
  • 15 hours



6. Question

To carry out this delivery, which type of operators licence should TSD Haulage hold?


  • Restricted International licence
  • Standard International licence
  • TIR operators licence
  • European operators licence


7. Question

The wheelbase of the vehicle is 5 metres and the centre of the load is 2 metres from the rear axle.

What is the load on the front axle?


  • 4 tonnes
  • 2 tonnes
  • 6 tonnes
  • 8 tonnes



8. Question

What colour copy of the CMR consignment note must travel with the vehicle?


  • Green
  • White with a black border
  • Blue
  • Red


There are no official questions and answers released by the DVSA regarding this test & they say that candidates must read and understand the DVSA guide to driving large goods vehicle's, We suggest that you spend time reading this as it will play an important role in passing your theory test and understanding the job once you have passed you HGV driving test.

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