Do I Need A Licence To Tow A Trailer?
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Do I Need A Licence To Tow A Trailer?

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Do I Need A Licence To Tow A Trailer?

Do I Need A Licence To Tow A Trailer In The UK?


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This is a question we get asked a lot as many people are not sure of the rules, especially after the recent rule changes regarding towing a trailer. The answer is Yes on 16th December 2021 the licensing rules changed meaning that everyone with a car licence (category B) was automatically given the trailer entitlement (category B+E) this was done to try to help with the HGV driver shortage. So regardless of when you passed your car test, everyone can legally tow a trailer.


But I don't have the B+E entitlement on the back of my licence

The DVLA have said when people renew their licenses address or photos they will be updating the licenses then, but you don't need to do this to legally tow a trailer.


Is it difficult to tow a trailer?

If you have never towed a trailer before or have very little experience it would be wise to get some training as towing a trailer can be dangerous if it's not done properly. if you have a horsebox with your pride and joy inside you need to make sure everyone is kept safe. Towing a trailer is not difficult once you know how to do it properly.


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Do you offer trailer reversing lessons?

Yes our expert HGV & trailer instructors have many years of experience in teaching people how to reverse with a trailer, Usually during a trailer lesson we will try to cover a bit of everything including revering, uncoupling & on-road driving but if you have something else in mind we can tailor lessons to suit you


Is there a limit on the size of the trailer I can tow?

So here is where a lot of people get a bit confused, A car licence category B is a vehicle up to 3500kg the trailer entitlement is a trailer up to 3500kg so you could drive with a combination of 7000kg in total but this does also depend on the vehicle you are using and the trailer you are towing, You will need to check the vehicles MAM (maximum authorised mass)


What is MAM (maximum authorised mass)?

The MAM of your vehicle is usually found in your vehicle's handbook and this tells you the maximum weight the vehicle is allowed to be when it's fully loaded you should also find the vehicles towing capacity in the vehicle handbook this will tell you the MAM of the trailer you can use. Each vehicle is designed differently so the weights will vary from vehicle to vehicle. you need to be very careful not to overload the vehicle or trailer and make sure it is loaded properly or that can cause problems with the stability of the vehicle when driving.


How do I safely load a trailer?

This is something we will cover on our trailer training courses to make sure you and your vehicle are safe but in short, the heavier items should be lower down within the trailer and spread out evenly with sufficient weight over the axle/s, and the lighter bulky items higher up making sure everything fits within the trailer and is not overhanging or causing danger to anyone else.


What areas do you cover for trailer training courses?

At Craig Baler Driver Training we have depots in Wigan & Chorley. We are easily accessible from all areas of the North West


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