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Do I need to take a trailer towing test?

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Many of our customers have had experience towing a horsebox, caravan or other trailers but have never taken their test. It’s just a matter of time before you get caught.

These days the fines and point on your licence are very severe. There’s also a very good chance your vehicle will be seized. It’s simply not worth it.

The cost of passing your trailer test is lower than the cost of getting caught.

We have helped hundreds of customers from large multi million pound companys needing driver training for their staff or if its just for personal use needing to tow your caravan or horsebox we can help.You can be sure to get the best professional service working with us, we are a private limited company fully insured with highly experienced instuctors.

It depends on when you passed your driving test.

First thing to know is DO NOT trust what you see on Facebook or hear from a mate.

On every post on FB about 50% of it is WRONG.

So here are the simple FACTS:

This information is only covering the driving licence rules

Contrary to popular belief EVERYONE can tow, how much depends on when you passed your cat B (car) test

IF you passed your car test before 01-01-1997

Then your have the BE licence to tow virtually any trailer that your vehicle is capable of towing. If you require more info then please use the links at the bottom of this page.

IF you passed your car after 01-01-1997 then read on

First the good news YOU CAN TOW just not as much.

The law gives you TWO options.

1, a vehicle up to 3500kg MAM (more on that term later) plus a trailer up to 750kg MLPM (later) to a combined 4250kg.


2, IF the trailer is over 750kg MLPM (even if empty) a vehicle & trailer combination that has combined MAM & MLPM of 3500kg or less.

The main issue people have is for option 2. They assume that it is the real weight that is used. It is not. You MUST use the cars MAM & the trailer MLPM when adding up to see if you are under the 3500kg. DO NOT use kerb, weighed, loaded, MIRO, Googled, Matching sites or any other made up numbers.

MAM Maximum Authorised Mass, ie the most it could legally weigh. You can find this on the vehicles weight plate. It will be the top number or on the V5c in section F1.

MLPM Maximum Legally Permitted Mass, this is the same as MAM above but for trailers. You will find it on the trailers weight plate. Even if the trailer is empty the fully loaded legal weight is used.

When using this flow chart above ensure that you get your numbers from the V5c section F1 or the vehicles weight plate (top number) plus the trailers weight plate (largest number)

BEWARE of trainers with statements like this on their websites:

  • You can't tow if you don't have BE on your licence.
  • You can only tow 750kg trailers.
  • You can only drive a vehicle and trailer combination up to 3.5 tonnes MAM providing the MAM of the trailer doesn’t exceed the unladen mass of the towing vehicle.

At best they are wrong or out of date at worst they are trying to con you into taking a course & test you might not need.


When you pass your trailer towing test you will be able to drive a vehicle up to 3,500kg and tow a trailer up to 3,500kg. When you book with us today, you will benefit from the following:

  • A choice of trailer test packages designed to suit your trailer towing experience so far.
  • Friendly and highly qualified & experienced trailer test instructors.
  • Use one of our B+E vehicles and trailers for training and the test. They are fully insured and meet all the required legal standards.
  • Most of our learners pass first time.
  • In a rush? We often have short notice B+E courses available to meet your needs.
  • Low upfront deposits
  • Great value for money towing courses
  • Competitive prices
  • Public Liability Insurance
Car & Trailer Training Wigan

How much does the trailer test cost?

Your previous experience of towing a trailer will determine which one is right for you. These carefully designed courses provide absolutely everything you need to pass your test. We also include a complete training manual to make your life even easier.

Which course is right for you? Good question. Everyone learns at a different rate. Our pass rate is incredibly high and the trick is to make sure you get exactly the right amount of training to give you the best chance of passing the first time.

Not Sure? Why not try an assessment lesson with one of our instructors for 1 hour we will assess your driving and ability to manoeuvre the trailer and let you know the best course for you for only £35

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2 Day Trailer Course Including Test

£479.80 INC VAT

2 Day course. This 8-hour course is designed for someone with towing & reversing experience, for this course, you must be able to confidently tow and reverse a trailer already. The last 2 hours of the course are reserved for the use of the vehicle on the test.

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3 Day Trailer Course Including Test

£633.40 INC VAT

3 Day course. This 12-hour course is designed for someone who doesn't have any towing experience, we will show you the basics of reversing with a trailer and what is expected of you on the driving test. The last 2 hours of the course are reserved for the use of the vehicle on the test.

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1 Day Extra training

£172.80 INC VAT

If your book on to one of our courses and are not feeling 100% confident we can add extra days in before your test so that you get get a bit more practice and feel really confident going into the test this can be used to brush up your skills on whatever subject you want. This includes an extra 4 hours of training

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Re-Test Fee Including Test

£287.80 INC VAT

This includes 4 hours on the test day and the test fee. The last 2 hours are reserved for the use of the vehicle on the test. This is only available to customers that have previously done a towing course with us. we can not do this if you have done a course with another training provider.

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If you are not sure the best course for you why not try a 45 min assessment lesson, (we will then let you know the course that would suit you), or if you would like to do Weekly or Monthly Pay As You Go Lessons we can do lessons at a time to suit you.

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