Future of HGV Training: Innovating with Autonomous Vehicle Technology
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Shaping the Future of HGV Training

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the future of HGV training

Shaping the Future of HGV Training


Welcome to Craig Baker Driver Training, where tradition meets innovation in preparing the next generation of professional drivers. As the transport industry evolves, we are committed to leading the way by exploring how autonomous vehicle (AV) technology could revolutionise HGV training in the years to come.


Exploring the Future of Autonomous Vehicles in HGV Training

While AVs are not yet integrated into our training, we foresee a future where they play a pivotal role. Picture training scenarios where students engage with AV systems, learning to collaborate effectively with autonomous technologies.


Preparing for Tomorrow

Our forward-thinking approach anticipates integrating AVs into our curriculum. This ensures our graduates are equipped to thrive in a transport landscape that is rapidly embracing new technologies.


The Potential Benefits of AV Integration in HGV Training

AVs offer advanced safety features like collision avoidance and real-time monitoring, potentially reducing accidents and enhancing road safety. Optimising routes and fuel efficiency could also lead to significant cost savings and environmental benefits for future HGV operators.


Why Choose Craig Baker Driver Training?

With decades of experience and a dedication to excellence, Craig Baker Driver Training is a trusted name in HGV instruction.


Personalised Learning

Our tailored programmes cater to individual needs, ensuring each student receives the attention and skills necessary to excel in their career.


Join Us in Embracing the Future of HGV Training

As leaders in the industry, we are actively exploring and preparing for the integration of AVs into our training. Hear success stories from our graduates and industry partners who have benefited from our innovative approach to HGV training.


Are you ready to embrace the future of HGV training? Contact Craig Baker Driver Training today to learn more about our visionary approach and how we can prepare you for success in an evolving transport industry.

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